I’m back from Costa Rica but my mind is still in the jungle. I love it, it makes me feel like a part of the Earth in a way nothing else does. The ancient trees make me feel young. The dark forest makes me feel full of light. And walking there makes you whisper, so your voice doesn’t disturb the sanctity of the cathedral that surrounds you.

But all dreams must end, and after a week I really had to flex my visual muscles and chase the light closer to home.

I got to the lake before dawn. I always want the sun to be surprised to see me at work already before it sweeps away the night and takes over the sky. As soon as I got out of my car a Great Blue Heron appeared and landed on top of a huge evergreen tree. Behind him the moon hung in a cobalt sky, not quite ready to slink away. I thought it could be poetic to make a photo with the heron and the moon balancing each other in the frame, but I knew it was unlikely to happen, and the heron would likely fly before I could set it up. But he didn’t, and I was ready when he leaped into the air.

I made my way through the trees and around the perimeter of the lake, saying hello to old friends as I went. The cold made my hands hurt, but I found a patch of sun and warmed up in it like the Cormorants drying their wings in the tree tops.

The water, the wind, the light, and the birds were all familiar, but I was happy to be there with them and I made pictures like it was the first time for both of us.

There’s no place like home 🙂

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