Whether we acknowledge it or not, the business of life has a balance sheet. As Thanksgiving and the end of the year careens toward us, I find myself thinking about all that a global pandemic has given me, and taken from me. 

The losses have been terrible: A father, a brother, a four legged soulmate I still dream about every night, and countless friends and family members who have slipped away in the dark, leaving only memories and the tears we have shed for them.

But in the plus column is freedom from a schedule that had become all too predictable and routine. And a renewed enthusiasm for the passions that have driven me for so many years. They are precious and fragile, like beautiful flowers that nourish the soul, but in turn must be fed and nurtured to keep blooming.

I’m thankful for the people in my life that I love, and who love me. I’m thankful for the music that took root in me from an early age and continues to whisper to me like a prayer. I’m thankful for the living poetry of nature, written in light and movement and color, and the opportunity to share small verses of it through my photographs.

I wish you peace and abundant blessings in your lives.


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